Homemade custard milk fruit salad is perfect dessert. It’s creamy looks with crunchy fruits gives very delicious tastes. Milk fruit salad is healthy diet also.

You can add any fruits in this desserts. We often made this creamy fruit salad with seasoned fruits. I also adds ice cream in it. It just feel like glass of the heaven.

Custard Milk Fruit Salad (Condensed Milk Fruit Salad)

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours, 50 minutes

Serving Size: 4


  1. 1 liter milk
  2. 125 gm sugar
  3. 100 gm grapes
  4. 100 gm chickoo
  5. 1 medium size apple
  6. 2 bananas
  7. 3 tsp Custard powder
  8. Strawberry for garnishing


Boil milk at slow flame for15-20 minutes. Add sugar in it.
Boil milk till sugar dissolve.
In other bowl take 2 cup milk and add custard powder in it.
Dissolve powder in to milk very well.
Add it in to the boiling milk.
Boil milk for 10-15 minutes at slow flame.
Now cool down it. Wash all fruits.
Peel chickoos, apples and bananas.
Cut in to small pieces.
Add all fruits in milk and stir well.
Keep in refrigerator for 5-6 hour.
Garnish with strawberry.


You can add any fruits and dry fruits.